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Friday, November 04, 2005

"I was comforted." ~ Jane Eyre

What comforts me:

1. barley tea
2. the sound of my parents on the other end of the phone
3. the cold sand in my feet at the beach in the early morning
4. my Lolly doll
5. any song by Enya
6. candlelight
7. a pillow top bed
8. my pink pussycat flannel pajamas
9. the fact that the middle name of my nephew is Krikor, after my grandpa
10. the sound of rain
11. the fact that Shakespeare plays are performed after 400 years
12. Beethoven's 9th symphony
13. the smell of pumpkin pie
14. the smell of incense in church
15. Lewis
16. mashed potatoes
17. when Cleo used to nuzzle up to me
18. any episode of Sex and the City
19. chicken lo mein
20. Anne of Green Gables
21. the smell of smoke from chimneys on my block during the wintertime
22. listening to the song "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys
23. drinking port
24. anything chocolate
25. being inside a library