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Saturday, January 10, 2009

"The cold winter wind had brought with it clouds so somber..." ~ Jane Eyre

Snow is falling on New York City and the surrounding areas, mine included. It is quiet and still outside save a few notes here and there from a few birds eating seed out of our birdhouse shaped like a Victorian three-story home.

I am home, alone, and keeping my own self warm. I am rather cold-blooded and lack good circulation - the Prince jokes that perhaps I am a Vampire. At the moment, I am up to reading the third book in the Twilight series, Eclipse, and just read four chapters this late afternoon. I admit that as hard as I resisted, I have become a fan of this unique series. I suppose it is the passion between Bella and Edward that is captivating, and Meyers has a talent for touching into that deep yearning and longing one feels when she is in love with a Prince. Art imitates life, and the obstacles the couple faces are long and difficult, but they remain a solid unit in the end despite all of their turmoil.

I am bundled up in a grey turtleneck sweater and the heat dial reads 80 and I still have two pairs of socks on. I made soup: Curried Butternut Squash and Apple. I have every intention of spending at least an hour in a hot shower tonight - I just cannot seem to shake a chill I have had since getting home from errands around noon today. Football is on in the background, of course, and I cannot imagine fans watching these playoff games in this weather. I look forward to watching the Giants game tomorrow underneath a pile of blankets next to the Prince in bed.

I would like to take a walk in this snow, but I am too exhausted. In the wake of Anthony's death, I am still drained emotionally and physically from the aftermath. I realize today that its not even one month yet...that what seems so long ago is so close. I am still not able to get warm...



Blogger darkfoam said...

you and the prince will always miss anthony ..
but with time the loss gets easier to deal with. at least that is how it was with my brother.
but now .. just a short month later is not that time.

on a lighter note, i too had resisted this series. after all why would i want to read about romance between 17 year olds (even though one of them is really 99 years old) when i have a 17 year old in the house? but, then before christmas my 11 year old brought the first book home from the school book fair. he knew nothing about the book. he just bought it because everybody else bought it. i read it but i'm happy to say my son read less then half the book before he lost interest. what's so interesting about sniffing a neck all the time? .. at least in his 11 year old mind .. lol ..
i might eventually read the other books. we will see.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Marty said...

Sorry about the Giants..


Hope you find a way to keep warm.
"in bed next to the Prince" should do it. ;)

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo is perfectly suited to the quote...

I keep meaning to try on the Twilight series. Right after I start the Harry Potter one...

Methinks me does procrastinate...

10:31 PM  
Blogger Lady Prism said...

That book is a hit here as well. Our bookstores have beed overflowing with the since last year. A few friends and I have even gotten' down to talking how girls nowadays no longer look for hero figures per se' but instead, see the dark and villainous as quite attractive.


Your soup sounds delicious...

Take care:>

2:22 AM  
Blogger HLiza said...

I've not read any books for so long. I can sense that the loss is still affecting you. Hugs to you guys..

6:05 PM  

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