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Saturday, May 16, 2009

"My being longed for renewal..." ~ Jane Eyre

It has been the longest of winters literally and figuratively.  

For those who know me, you would think there were previous moments in my life where I would have truly felt my innocence lost, but this past winter was truly a time when I felt nothing would ever be the same again. Death of friends, death of a former way of American economic life, even the death of two baseball stadiums that were filled with important memories I have of both grandfathers.  The winter itself lingered a long time here;  I wore my winter coat up until three weeks ago, still waking up to the cold and needing warmth during my morning commute.  The light of the warm sun of spring just never seemed in sight.  I felt like Jane Eyre during her long days of depression and fog after she travels a harsh road away from Thornfield. 

But then, Jane awakens, and is finally able to enjoy life again...and return to Thornfield.  Nothing is ever the same there...except one thing:  her love and happiness with Rochester.  Throughout all of this, the Prince and I have grown stronger, as has our love.  And, thankfully, as the warmth of the sun has finally arrived and the flowers are in bloom (such as the one in the photo from my garden),  our lives feel like they have blossomed once again.

All of a sudden life has become happy again.  It wont ever be the same, but at least life feels more and more back to normal now that spring is upon us. 

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Blogger HLiza said...

You left me wondering and worrying..thank God everything is fine with you. I guess love is all we need in this trying times.

2:42 PM  
Blogger roxanne s. sukhan said...

welcome to your spring. blossom and hold onto joy.

4:57 PM  
Blogger NYD said...

In some ways that is the point of it all. We keep moving forward and the only reminders of the past we have are our memories. Change, no matter how unfortunate or unwelcome is essential. Without it we cannot grow.

7:46 AM  
Blogger darkfoam said...

it's good to see you posting again!
it has been a harsh winter.
but, i'm glad to see that your joy has revived, your love has grown stronger ..

10:04 AM  
Anonymous chickory said...

i understand. happy for your strong love. ive shifted too. and better for it out in the country. (it's K9)

1:36 PM  

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