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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"She seemed to examine me warily." ~ Jane Eyre

I have voted at the same polling place for five years now, and every Election Day the old biddies who run the booths either scrutinize me or give me a difficult time.

This morning was no exception.

Past November mornings have included comments such as, "You don't look old enough to vote" before I even checked in, as well as inquiring what the origins of my ethnic last name are, masked by a "oh that is hard to pronounce, what kind of name is that?" They won't acknowledge me when I say "good morning," and they certainly don't smile at me. They know we belong to different parties.

This morning the ancient ninny at the table, surrounded by other ancient ninnies, insisted that my vote was by absentee ballot. I smiled politely and told her twice that she was looking at the wrong line next to my name. It was the name above me who voted by such a ballot. She was determined to keep me out of that booth. Finally an older gentleman behind me intervened and set her straight. She didn't even apologize to me. She shoved the pen in my hand for me to sign and wouldn't look me in the eye.

I got in that booth and what I pressed buttons would make these old ladies pass out: I voted all democrat.

I want to tell these old conservative bags off when I was finished voting for Suozzi and crew:

Shame on you. Your grandmothers weren't allowed to vote, so lets be nice to each other today in the spirit of Ms. Stanton. Both my grandfathers fought in WWII next to your husbands, ladies. So I can vote for whomever I want on each Election Day. Do your worst with petty subterfuge; its not going to work. I will always do my civic duty.

And one day when I am your age managing the polls, I will be extra nice to the young folks that come in, thanking them for exercising an important right.