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Friday, November 11, 2005

"The impulse of gratitude swelled in my heart." ~ Jane Eyre

An email sent to my sisters today, with a cc: to my parents...

Dear Missy and Robin,

Before we start talking about the menu, I want to tell you both how thankful I am to have you as sisters. You are amazing women that I am grateful to call my sisters. Yesterday I was thinking about how awesome we are as a unit.

Last year's Thanksgiving was nice because we were out at Westbury Manor, so I think it would be nice to try and recreate that by having everyone seated as they arrive and getting started. I know that it sounds crazy not to do mezze, but we can do it on Christmas. But for the sake of the new parents and baby, lets make this simple. :) Missy, I think we should start at 3pm.

Alright, lets plan:

White Wines (Daddy) - Wine websites recommend Chardonnay for white and a Pinot Noir for red. Pop, get Long Island wines if you can...they are not expensive and they are so good. Raedar's has a good selection, as does the wine store in the Waldbaums shopping center called Simply Wines.

First Course
Butternut Squash Soup (A) - this will be made the night before and be heated
Waldorf Salad (A) - this will also be made the night before and placed on fresh greens

Main Course
The Turkey (no, not Jack! a real one) (R) - bring this whole and we can carve it at the house.
Gravy (R) - heated up
Cornbread (M) - this can be made the night before and stored in an airtight container
Stuffing (M)
Mashed Potatoes (R) - you will need to make these the morning of
Green bean casserole (A) - must cook in the oven
Mashed Yams with Brown Sugar and Spices (A) - must cook in oven; Williams Sonoma recipe
Cranberry Sauce (A)

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie (R will bake)
Cake from D'Aquilia for birthdays (Anta)
Cookies (Grandma)
Ice Cream (M)

We will talk this week about coordinating this more.
Love, Amy


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