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Thursday, December 15, 2005

"My dear children..." ~ Jane Eyre

I saw him earlier this evening and we exchanged big smiles.

The Top Ten Things I Love About My Nephew, Jack:

10) He brings out a side to Missy I love. This side includes baby talk!
9) He humors me when I read books to him.
8) He loves to eat. (Though this is all baby Armenian boys, I think)
7) He has cute little back hairs already. (Though this is all baby Armenian boys, I think)
6) He has chubby cheeks that are good for kissing.
5) His musical tastes are already for classical music.
4) He tolerates me singing off key and doesnt complain about it at all.
3) His middle name is Krikor.
2) He is as calm and chill as his dad.
1) He picked me to be one of his aunts.


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