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Friday, December 09, 2005

"Can you understand her when she runs on so fast?" ~ Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre travels everywhere by foot.

I travel everywhere by car.

On Monday, I will be traveling in a new car.

I am ecstatic over this new vehicle; I test drove it and fell in love with its design, pickup, handling, and feel. It is a 2006 Saturn Vue in silver. I was literally jumping up and down in excitement when the financial officer from Saturn called me this morning and told me I was approved for the lease. In the end, I am sad to be giving up my red coupe; that car served me well. I have become attached to it. But its time to move on, and I cannot wait to drive the newbie.

I am dreaming tonight of the first road trip I will take in it when Sarah and I go to the Chocolate Spa in January. I am thinking about how nicely all the food I cook for Christmas will fit in the trunk. I am thinking about all the room I will have for beach chairs and coolers in the back during the summer months, and how comfortable I will be driving in the snowy months. I have more room for passengers, and I finally have some speed: its a V6 engine with great pickup. The first CD I am going to blast is the new Madonna CD.

I will practice driving the car in empty areas for a while because I am not used to the dimensions, and I will practice parallel parking since I am worried about quick parks in the city that I do all of the time and will now be hesitant to do.

Tomorrow I am going to buy the biggest red bow I can find and hang it in the car on Monday!
I deserve this Christmas present for myself from myself. I leased the car all on my own and did the insurance all on my own. It feels great.

All you women who are independent, honk your car 's horn and speed up...


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