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Sunday, December 04, 2005

"It was beginning to snow..." ~ Jane Eyre

What a perfect snow day it has been.

I took in a breath of delight when I opened my door this morning. I didn't realize it snowed, so it was a surprise. Since it is the first snow of the season, it is extra special. The snow is stuck to the trees and and the sky has been grey all day.

I started this day off pampering myself at the salon. It was decorated with gold Christmas bows and beautiful pine. It was relaxing; I was the only one in there. I felt very relaxed under the hot water of the sink with my head getting shampooed.

Once the salon trip was over, I had another trip to make. This is Jack's first snow day, so I had to go visit him. I went to Kitchen Kab to get breakfast for me and Missy: cappucino, mochacino, a carrot cake muffin, and a croissant. The Kab was filled with the smell of coffee and omelets. Everyone was in snow attire: boots, hats, gloves. There was a sense of excitement among the customers there; it was bustling.

I arrived to Missy's and my BooBoo was sleeping. Fortunately he awoke as I was making some scrambled eggs. Missy brought him down and I scrambled over to him to give him a big kiss. He was wearing the cute blue onesie with skating penguins on it that Missy and I picked up for him at Baby Gap. We put him in his seat and he ate breakfast with us at the table. As Missy spent time fixing the home for Christmas, Jack and I hung out. We looked out at the snow, we discussed the future snowballs he would throw at me, we danced around to some music, and then he fell asleep in my arms as we watched The Polar Express.

I came home to watch the Giants win, and now I am getting the apartment ready for Christmas. I moved some furniture so the tree can fit. I can't wait for next Sunday when I get a tree to trim. I am baking chicken for dinner tonight, and making some butternut squash soup. I am going to Target later, and I am finishing up my Christmas cards.

This day has been as soft and gentle and rich as the snow on the ground.


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