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Monday, November 21, 2005

"What do I want? A new place in a new house, amongst new faces, under new circumstances...how do people get to a new place?" ~ Jane Eyre

Makeovers are an essential part of life.

I don't see makeovers as extreme as much as I see them as extremely important.

Lately I have been thinking about a nice makeover for myself. The makeover involves my body, my soul, and my surroundings. Its quite a lovely thought and I am rather excited about the endeavor. Some are little things. Some are trivial, and some are significant. Some are essential, but they are all special.

The first makeover involves dinner plates. I have had the same plates for five years: Sweet Shop by Sango. I feel that the dinnerware does not go with the French accents in the apartment. So, I am looking for a new dinner set this winter and looking forward to the plates holding some new recipes.

The next makeover involves my bank account. She has maintained a thin figure for six years, but she needs to get some roundness in her. Well, perhaps I should not use a euphemism. I want her fat, fat, fat. All this tutoring of late should add some extra pounds.

While the bank account grows thick, I would like to grow lean. I am happy with my weight right now, but I am not ecstatic. I think the body doenst need a makeover as much as it needs a makeback. I want my ballerina body back, and since I always get what I want, I know its mine for the taking.

I have been working on a makeover for the set of wheels. More cars were viewed this weekend thanks to the assistance of my brother-in-law. There are two very different looks I am contemplating right now: the beetle is one, the suv is another. Right now there are open talks with friends and family; I need opinions on this one.

Making over my office/library is also an important task. I want to find portraits of my favorite authors, frame them, and line the walls with the frames. I think this could be a cool project. Shakespeare and Hemingway are already done.

I would like to accessorize more. Missy and I were in Hermes yesterday and we looked at some nice scarves. I think that I need to experiment in scarves, funky belts, daring earrings, and bold necklaces. Now that I am curling my hair differently, hairclips are also on the list.

I want to makeover how the waves in my mind move during times of stress. I want to explore more than the simple yoga I do now. Maybe learn to meditate, and definitely learn to eradicate the tension in my back.

Things I will never make over: my optimism, my standards, my smile, my strength, my compassion, my passion, my wit, my stubbornness, my creativity, and my humility. Makeovers are for those who know they are far from perfect.

What do you need to make over?


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