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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"It was a wet and windy afternoon." ~ Jane Eyre

A few weeks ago when dining at Philoxenia(http://www.villagevoice.com/nyclife/0445,sietsema,58219,16.html), Cassie expressed to me and Sarah how much she loves rainy days. Sarah and I are sun worshippers, but I admit that rainy days in the fall are very special.

Rainy days in the fall mean swimming in chicken soup for lunch. You can lie out on the couch after applying a spicy body oil and close your eyes while listening to the crash of the rain on your roof. You can bury your toes underneath a down-feathered blanket and do some light reading: Everyday Food, any novel by Anita Shreve, the book revue from the Times you keep meaning to read from two weeks ago. Waxing up your votives and put candles in them to burn. Bottled water is a must; you need it to feel a tea kettle for some hot tea. Molasses cookies are a good snack to pack for a day of rain.

Enjoy the rain...


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