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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"I now busied myself in preparations..." ~ Jane Eyre

Three markets later, I have just completed my Thanksgiving food shopping.

I smiled at many intervals; I found spots on the shelves of the markets that were practically empty. Despite struggling to find the last of what is in stock, there was a comfort knowing that others are making the same kinds of foods. A definite sense of togetherness. Bags of pecans were all but gone, apple cider was hard to come by, I got the last of the butternut squash, and I had to dig pretty deep for green beans.

This Thanksgiving is special for many reasons, but two especially.

A year ago I was dreaming of being an aunt, and although it is now a reality, it is still dream-like in quality. This is the first big holiday with Baby Jack, and I am so thankful for him that I hope we make a separate toast to him at dinner after prayers. He has two Thanksgiving bibs. The one I got says "My first Thanksgiving" and the other Missy got personalized with a cute turkey on it. Well, he certainly is the size of a turkey this year. Missy insists that we get a photo of him next to the turkey. Hands down, he is the better butterball.

Last year I remember IMing John and wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving. He didn't even realize that it was Thanksgiving. After going through last Thanksgiving and Christmas wishing he was home, he is home and I am so excited that I can make this holiday special for him. He is coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and I want to make it wonderful since the past two Thanksgivings he spent serving in Afghanistan were just awful. I want to toast him, too, but he would get angry with me and tout his usual "I was just doing my job" speech. His presence will be quite welcome.

The China is out. I am making placecards for everyone. Ed got wood for the fireplace. Robin will bring her Smores kit. I got a new soup tourine to serve from. We are trying a new recipe for mulled cider. Two birthdays will be celebrated. I have a plan to sneak away for a bit to catch the football games. Sarah is stopping by to meet Jack.

Everything is in place. Its a good feeling...


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