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Saturday, January 14, 2006

"There's sense in the suggestion..."~ Jane Eyre

Sounds I love:
~ New York City at 5pm on any weekday
~ coffee percolating
~ the bell indicating that my ninth period class is over
~ the chubby Robins chirping in my yard
~ Jack's slurping as he drinks formula
~ the pop of a champagne cork
~ any foods that I simmer on my stove
~ pouring rain before I sleep and as I wake up
~ any Yankee's bat when it makes contact with a ball that is a homerun
~ the hot water running in my bathtub

Sights I love:
~ the NYC skyline at the moment I am driving on the LIE right before the tunnel entry
~ the view from the dining table in the Sag Harbor house - the cove
~ a full moon
~ the Vermeer paintings hanging in the MET
~ my old house; I still drive by it in East Williston en route to Missy. I lived in a Tudor growing up and it reminds me of a house in Shakespeare's time.
~ shish kebab on the BBQ
~ the Planting Fields arboretum Rose Garden in June
~ the streets after a snow storm that are not plowed yet
~ Jack Krikor Arsenian
~ my Christmas tree in December

Tastes that I love:
~ the salt on my lip when I am at the beach
~ any alcoholic beverage that I have when out with Sarah
~ peppermint hot chocolate
~ the granola from the Yogurt place by work. I bought a pound of it from them two weeks ago and its almost gone
~ any berry
~ chicken lo mein when I am in on a Friday night
~ Ellen Dee's matzoh ball soup
~ my Grandma Anoush's rice pilaf; no one will ever come close
~ Starbucks lattes and mochas on cold winter afternoons
~ olive oil infused with rosemary

Smells that I love:
~ Jack's head; it smells like new baby
~ my new car smell at the moment
~ the smell of chocolate in the air when Sarah and I visited Hershey last week
~ pine trees
~ anything I slice that is citrus
~ maple syrup
~ cocoa butter on the beach
~ Ahava skin care products from Israel
~ the inside of any Armenian Church
~ fresh number 2 pencils newly sharpened

What I love to Touch:
~ any fuzzy puppy
~ my satin pajamas
~ any base of my cooking knives
~ the wheel of my car
~ sand at the beach
~ soap bubbles in the bathtub
~ pages in a book
~ my paycheck
~ my curls; sometimes I twirl them
~ hot towels from the dryer


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