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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"What are you musing about?" ~ Jane Eyre

A vast array of musings...

~ If the city taxed just $1 per resident a year, that would be $8 million dollars to eradicate homelessness. I don't understand how this is not in effect, nor do I understand how those who claim to be civilized will live in a city where human beings don't have a home and think that driving around the narrow streets of the city in a large Lexus SUV makes a person noble.

~ While I am not one to be ungrateful for a day off, I really think that students should be in school on MLK jr. day and have special programs that are mandatory, such as viewing the "I Have a Dream" speech and having panels to discuss racism in the community. It is a day off to them that means nothing, and it should not be that way.

~ I am beginning to think how holistic approaches to healing are not to be taken lightly and that more people in the western world need to perhaps perpetuate it more.

~ I don't understand when a parent calls me to ask how their child can perform better on the verbal section of the SAT and is dumbfounded when I tell them that they need to subscribe to The New York Times and have his/her child read an article a day, read a chapter of an outside reading book each evening before bed, and spend a half hour a night working index cards for vocabulary. "But that is just too much reading!" Um, exactly what do you think your child will be doing in college?

~ I love my nephew so much that if given a choice between dining out at Morton's Steakhouse for my birthday with my family (the proposed idea at the moment) without him there OR sitting with him at home eating chinese take-out, I would say bring on the lo-mein. Hopefully, we can dress him up and take him to his first steakhouse experience for a very early dinner. Its nice having my own personal little cupcake this birthday.

~ Once my English MA is done this year, I am thinking of applying for this program.

~ Random strip searches were done yesterday at the high school where I teach. Found on students were knives, hammers (yes, the kind they sell in Home Depot), and be-be guns. See previous musing!

~ I can't decide what to make for dinner this evening. I would like to make something elaborate and fancy for myself. I want to food shop at HMart after work, so perhaps I will make something with an Asian flare to it.

~ As good a cook as I am, I cannot cook rice. I always mess it up, except for the time Sarah was there to help me. This article made me feel better about my poor rice cooking skills:
http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/11/dining/11mini.html Maybe I should make one of these for dinner...


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