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Monday, December 17, 2007

"I may make shift yet to behave..." ~ Jane Eyre

Dear Bloggers O'The World:

I, Jack Krikor, aged two years and three months say ho ho ho to you! I have been a perfect little boy this year and can't wait for Santy Claus to come see me through my chimney. Though I must admit that it would actually be cooler if Bert from Mary Poppins came down the chimney flu. No offense to Santy, but Bert has a chimney sweep I can play with.

Anyway, there have been lots of fun things I have been doing this Christmas season. I decorated the tree with my mommy and daddy this past weekend, and one of my ornaments is a little plush snowman my Aunt Maimy got me at the Fortunoff Christmas Store last week. I saw it in the store and he was so cute, so I hugged and kissed him. Maimy then hugged and kissed me and got me the snowman for my tree.

Maimy and I also made a gingerbread house together. Well, I made it and she just kind of supervised. You can read all about it at: www.epicureanescapades.blogspot.com and get some good details about The Great Sprinkle Debacle. (ahem) I had a great time creating peppermint disk stacks and throwing the unused ones around the kitchen. I mean, they are shaped like frisbees, just smaller.

Lately I am watching The Polar Express on dvd and loving the choochoo. My favorite scene is when they serve the hot chocolate to the little kids riding in the passenger car. Maimy tells me that she held me in her arms when I was a few months old and as I slept, she watched a few of the scenes. She also tells me it was one of her favorite books as a child, and she remembers getting the book from my grandparents and it included the bell. I love ringing Christmas bells. Aunt Maimy tells me one day I am going to watch a movie about a bell ringing and an angel getting his wings.

My Aunty wanted me to remind all of you that Christmas is about loving a special child. So, remember that despite all of the commercialism and craziness of the holiday. Nothing is as pure as the love of a child and the love for a child. So, please keep that sacred this Christmas and hug your children and nieces and nephews and thank God for their presence in your life this Christmas.

My Aunty says I am the greatest gift ever....even when I throw sprinkles all over the floor during gingerbread house making!

With love and blown kisses,
Jack Krikor

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Blogger Aunty Belle said...


3:28 PM  
Blogger Charlie Mc said...

merry christmas Jack!!!! :)

6:35 PM  
Blogger moi said...

Ah, Jack. Your face is so adorable you should be on a holiday card. And a child after Moi's own heart, by the looks of your gingerbread house.

8:17 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Hi all...some comments you left didnt make it here...I am so sorry...please resend if you can...blogger is being very testy. :) xoxoxo

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
Thank you for posting again and for showing us what a big boy you are! You are right about the Polar express. It's a magic movie.
Tell your auntie that I really enjoyed the past few posts. She should really consider writing down those short stories!

Have a wonderful holiday season,


4:29 AM  
Blogger HLiza said...

He is so cute!

7:12 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

This is so true. I just finished Christmas with my students, and it is the most exhausting and gratifying experience each year. It's worth all the running around and stress to see the kids' faces light up.

9:57 AM  

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