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Saturday, October 06, 2007

"I will fetch you a candle..." ~ Jane Eyre

As Cassie and I gathered our purses and keys to head to the car this past Thursday afternoon, her fiancee called after us and asked me, "Amy, are you a Christmas Tree Shop virgin?"

Indeed, in that moment I was. Thankfully, two hours later I was fully indoctrinated to the wonder that is the Christmas Tree Shop. I am not one of the fortunate Northereasterners to live close to one; the majority are in Massachusetts. The one I went to is the one pictured in Danbury, Connecticut.

After moving to Carmel, New York, Cassie had mentioned the shop a few times to me. Like she, I assumed it was all Christmas items. Alas, we were both wrong. It is the Disneyworld of Domestic Deals.

Owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I am so obsessed that I had to Wikipedia the history), it carries amazing home and decor goods at prices that just seem too good to be true for the quality that is there. I sound like an advertisement, but I just could not believe this place.

I stayed with Cassie and her fiancee this week after visiting schools in Westchester, and on Thursday afternoon she suggested we go. All I had to do was look at the store from the outside to know that this was going to be one amazing shopping experience. Although Cassie and I walked down aisles together, we were in a zone of our own. I had not seen her put half the items in her basket because I was so focused on my own, so I didn't get to ooo and aaah until we reached the register...which was almost two hours after entering the store.

For twenty five dollars, I purchased a red suede chair cushion for my desk chair, two small crockery bowls so I can make me and my prince onion soup on cold winter day, a snowman making kit for Jack, a desk calendar for 2008 that features wine, a cute metal hanging illustrating a hot dog and cola for my kitchen, a decorative apple for my kitchen counter, tea lights for my potpourri pot, and various flavored coffees like Frangelico and Southern Comfort. Cassie and I also saw party goods on sale for ten cents a piece and stocked up.

As much as I loved the store and wish one were closer to me, I think it is perhaps a good idea that this domestic diva is not in range of targeting one at least twice a week if she could.




Blogger Vixen said...

WOW! I must find one of these soon! The deals you got must have been amazing!!! I'm going to the website now! :)

12:55 PM  
Blogger Patti said...

for $25?!?!?!

3:47 PM  

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