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Thursday, August 21, 2008

"He went to India..." ~ Jane Eyre

This past spring I was on Wall Street and walked into the Hermes store there to browse when I saw the most beautiful scarf in the world. Hermes introduced a line called "Indian Fantasies" this past year, and for those who know me well, that is where my fantasies now lay.

The silk scarf in reference is detailed here, though it comes in two colors, and the color pattern I loved is muted shades of lavender and melon that remind me of the colors of the sunsets in Goa that the Prince set me pictures of. There are others in the Indian series, filled with gorgeous images of elephants and henna patterns, but the pattern of this particular caught my eye. Of course it is not a pattern for the pocket squares- it is only available as a large, $300.00 scarf that shall never grace my body as an accessory. Even if I could afford such a luxury, I would perhaps not even wear it - I would frame it as a work of art because I love looking at it so much.

A couple of weeks ago the Prince and I were in the bookstore and I grabbed books on Goa from the travel section. We have talked of going there, and I have been doing daydreaming anytime I click on this website for a hotel there that looks nothing short of spectacular: http://www.tajhotels.com/Leisure/Fort%20Aguada%20Beac
h%20Resort,GOA/default.htm. Aside from Goa, I would love to see the rest of India with him - his India - and look forward to going one day. Though I admit that Goa is first on the list, for staying in an old Portuguese rampart and watching those sunsets with the Prince would be fantasy coming to life.

Dating an Indian man has been a blessing, for I have loved learning more about the culture and learning about the similarities between our Indian and Armenian backgrounds, whether its musical instruments or ceremonial practice rites or even types of food. Even Armenian researchers and cultural anthropologists have commented on the influences. http://www.tacentral.com/mythology.asp?story_no=3 The irony is that his kitchen smells like the smell I remember in the kitchen of my father's parents house, mainly with the faint scent of cumin lingering so deliciously below my nose.

Of course I grew up with Indian friends who introduced me to aspects of the culture even so early as elementary school. I remember two girls in particular showing of their amazing dancing skills and performing Bharatanatyam dance at cultural events hosted by my third grade teacher. Images of shiva and temples in the house were at that time foreign to me in a fascinating way. My first introduction to Indian food was late - high school - when J.Sarah and her parents invited me to her birthday dinner in the city and I tasted the goodness of samosas, nan, mango lassi, and tandoori chicken for the first time. Of course now I joke that those foods are for the lightweights, for there is nothing better I love than saag paneer and any kind of spicy vindaloo.

Life has gotten in the way of me undertaking the Indian cooking I have set out to do as a project, though soon I am confident that I will have more time for that. The main Indian supermarket in the metro New York area is called Patel Brothers: http://nymag.com/listings/
stores/patel_brothers01/. J.Sarah has one by her house, and the Prince and I have one by hours. Going in there for the first time was exciting. It was crowded and abuzz with families shopping, with huge barrels of Indian snacks being dug into and freezers filled with all different kinds of kulfi. J.Sarah helped me find the dal and garam masala that I needed. The Prince took me to the one closer to us in order to get ingredients for chat papri (www.epicureanescapdes.blogspot.com) and I was unable to keep my kulfi in its package before reaching the register; I felt like a young child snacking greedily while the parent was food shopping! I have been back there on my own since for the main purpose of stockpiling kulfi in my freezer. I tried fried lentil snacks the other day at the Prince's and need to head there next week to buy some bags of it for myself.

Next door to Patel Brothers is an Indian clothing store that has gorgeous saris in the window. As much as I would love that Hermes scarf, it is not as important to me as one day wearing a ceremonial sari. And donning that one day is not a fantasy at all. Rather, it is quite the absolute opposite in my heart and soul...

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Blogger foam said...

yap, your prince is one lucky devil .. ;)

8:05 PM  
Blogger Charlie Mc said...

Hicksville is a good town for you to find lots of Indian restaurants, clothing stores, etc. I am sure you already know though! :)

Hope things are great!

9:53 PM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Enough with the Prince! Save your energy for Mute Monday! Grrherhahahahahhaahhahahahahaha

8:12 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Foamy ~ Thank you for those sweet words. I am so lucky too!

Charlie ~ Indeed, we are doing a sibling dinner there this week together at a restaurant there! Things are great and I know they are for you too! Hugs to Jen!

Troll ~ HA! An entire novel was written around Jane's Prince, so I am just getting started. ;) Sorry for my absenteeism, but I will do my MM early this weekend for Monday I promise!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Scaramouche Jones said...

I'd love to visit India too. Often wondered if it would be safe enough to travel alone though

11:30 AM  
Anonymous dragonfly said...

FANTAISIES INDIENNES by Hermes is one of my favorite designs. You might be interested to know that this design has actually been an Hermes design since 1986, and has been re-issued a couple of times. It also comes in a GM size which is roughly 55 inches by 55 inches, enough to truly enwrap. The GM size can be found in a silk mouselline, and a silk/cashmere mix. I wore my mouselline to my daughters wedding, the pictures of the loving couple in the border seemed appropriate.
Love your blog.

6:31 PM  
Blogger NYD said...

The descriptions of the snacks and food has put me in a state of severe gastric distress! I would Kill for some lamb biryani (sp?) right now.

9:14 AM  
Blogger HLiza said...

Hey you're dating an Indian prince? (LOL)..Wow..that's cool. A lot of things you mentioned here are things I'm familiar with. Living with Indians as my neighbours all my life make me feel they're part of my culture too. Oh I would love to see you clad in colourful sarees..and your fingers painted orange with henna..you will look like a goddess!

India is a magical world of its own..it's one of my dream destination too.

4:58 PM  

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