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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"My spirits were depressed..." ~ Jane Eyre

What Depresses Me:

1) An old person eating alone. I feel like this old man has some great stories about serving in WWII or what it was like to grow up in the Depression or this old woman has great stories about going out in New York in the 50's. It is a shame our communities don't do more recreational activities for the elderly.
2) All of the postings on www.petfinder.com; those sweet dogs that need adoption.
3) That this government can't figure out a way to stop the baby boomers from taking away Social Security from me and my peers.
4) New Orleans today.
5) The fact that summer is still 5 months away.
6) The home lives of some of my students.
7) The experiences of my grandparents during the Armenian Genocide.
8) All babies in the NICU, every hospital - every where.
9) The homeless of New York City.
10) The fact that the Plaza is no longer open.
11) Many Sarah McLaughlin songs.
12) When daylight savings ends.
13) Coming home after a great weekend getaway.
14) Saved emails that once meant something which mean nothing anymore.
15) Insincerity in others.


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