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Friday, February 17, 2006

"Rochester had given me but one week's leave of absence." ~ Jane Eyre

Those who are not in the world of academia may assume that teachers or professors take their vacation time for granted.

This teacher does not.

I view my upcoming week off as a delectable sweet that needs to be lingered over while sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

At the end of this week, I am exhausted. While I love my work and students, this is draining. Having a student teacher has been exhausting; I did this as a favor to my chairperson since a fellow colleague was unable to handle the pressures of it after she requested one. I had aCST today on a student who I banned from my classroom because his oppositional behavior is out of control. As a member of the Health and Safety Committee at school, I find myself running around the building more and more during the day trying to take care of items pertaining to that role.

Dealing with the various personalities during the day is probably the most draining aspect to the job, and ironically it can be colleagues in addition to students! I feel that parents play less and less of a role in their children's lives these days, and we as teachers are the substitutes for that. I knew that coming into this career and don't mind the nurturing, but being a mother to 100 kids a day makes me sleepy!

So, what are my vacation plans? Here is what my BLOGBERRY looks like:

Tonight I am seeing Kris and Sil for dinner. It has been a while, so I am excited to see them. We are doing Houstons. I am all set for some chardonnay and spinach and artichoke dip. Oh, and tons of Yankee talk with Chris. I love going to games with them. Kris's comments and shouts are always hysterical. (Note: For once I am not on the same page as Steinnie; I think its great that Damon, Jeter, and A-Rod are taking part in this worldwide baseball competition. )

Sunday is a given: Amy, pajamas, pot of coffee, bagel with yogurt butter and melba jelly from the Hamptons, NPR, and The Times. I hope that this week's time is extra thick and fat and brimming with long articles. I just want to spend the entire day on my couch with newspaper print all over my hands.

On Monday I am dining out with my cousin Irene. She is an elementary school teacher, and I share a special closeness with her on many levels, teaching included. We are able to empathize with each other. We go out for the "three c's": cosmos, carbs, and conversation. She and I like picking a different restaurant each time we meet. Last time it was West End, this time it is Grand Luxe. Talking to Irene is one of the greatest comforts in my life; we are on the same wavelength when it comes to work and the pressures we face there.

Tuesday night is sister-sister night. Robin and I are going to happy hour together at Metro Loft. Before that, we are getting sushi at Haru, as per usual. Sis and I have become partners in crime when it comes to eating sushi. Missy is still not past her damn teriyaki phase in the world of Japanese food, so its the only sister I can truly enjoy it with. Well, and laugh at my other sister who called edamame "pea pod thingies" this past week when we ordered from Sushi-Ya.

I am picketing with Sarah at NYU on Wednesday. The administration at the University is treating its grad students abominably, and I am looking forward to standing with her in solidarity. Today the University stopped paying the grad students, which angered me a great deal. I have been wanting to go stand by her side since this started, and I am glad to have the chance to do so this week.

Jack and I have a date Thursday morning. I insisted that his mom go out on tons of errands and make salon appointments. My nephew and I have very important things to do. We have books to read, songs to sing, dancing to get done in the kitchen, and smiles to exchange. That night Cassie and I are partying it up in the city. Cassie and I were together for the best party night of our lives - The Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. But, that is another entry for another time...

Kel is having a wine/appetizer/dessert party on Friday and I am SO excited. I plan on making a recipe from the Lidia cookbook Chaz got for me as a present this week. I think I will bring a bottle of white because most appetizers will be vegetable related I think. We are doing a recipe share, too, so I am excited to learn about some new dishes. If I can get my hand on Helen's mom's spanikopida recipe, I will be thrilled. Cousin Amy K may come for brunch that morning. Two Amy K's are trouble, but the good kind of trouble.

Sunday is a BIG family dinner at Missy and Ed's. I think there are twenty of us that evening having an early Sunday dinner. We are getting together with the cousins. I am sure Jack will be passed around like a hot potato...he is quite the celebrity these days! These are my second cousins on my mother's side. They might as well be our first cousins because we are so close. It will be the perfect way to end the week.

For all of you teachers reading, enjoy your week off because you deserve it. For those of you working this week, you deserve a vacation as well and I hope you take one soon!

Cheers everyone!


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