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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"the iron sky of winter, stiffened in frost, shrouded with snow..." ~ Jane Eyre

Snowstorm Checklist:
1. Ingredients for Chicken Soup - this will keep my busy tomorrow morning as the snow piles up.
2. The Saturday Edition of the Times - I am annoyed that I won't be getting Sundays, but you make do with what you have, right?
3. Glamour Magazine - Sarah Jessica is on the cover; I adore her.
4. NPR
5. Plenty of coffee, milk, and splenda
6. A bottle of chardonnay to go with the soup
7. Books, books, books
8. Yoga dvd and mat
9. Peppermint hot chocolate and chocolate marshmellows from Williams Sonoma
10. New Calvin Klein down feather jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, snow boots, shovel, ice scraper, and SUV.


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