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Friday, January 27, 2006

"I ventured forth..." ~ Jane Eyre

We are celebrating Mozart's 250th Birthday today!

I am celebrating my 28th Birthday today!

This week I have been listening to programs about Mozart's music and his genius when it came to composing. I learned that what makes him rank with the likes of Shakespeare is how he constructed his pieces. It wasn't about reinventing something new. It was more about taking various music styles, juxtaposing them, and creating something horizontal musically.

I think one's life should imitate Mozart's music: a conglomerate of all different styles and backgrounds coming together to create something lyrical. Repetition is boring, and Mozart knew this. He ventured forth in his music as an innovator, and I have ventured into my 28th year as an innovator. I am fortunate that there are so many various facets in my life that make it as beautiful as any of Mozart's concertos.

The prominent being all of the wonderful experiences I have had with my twin sister, who I share this day with. Although at many times she and I play different clefs, we always come together and make one fantastic duet. Happy Birthday, Sis.


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