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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"What makes you say he does not love you, Jane?" ~ Jane Eyre

The origins of the true Saint Valentine remain a mystery.

According to the History Channel, there are three different figures with three very different stories about who St. Valentine was and what he did for humanity.

Personally, I like the St. Valentine who lived in the third century and went against Roman emperor Claudius II, who banned marriage because he thought single men made better soldiers, by marrying couples in secret.

There are no mysteries in modern times when it comes to Valentine's Day. Standards include flowers, chocolate, and Hallmark cards. Staples include romantic dinners at fancy restaurants and jewelry given during those dinners. It becomes very repetitive and always predictable.

There is nothing mysterious; it is spelled out for society since most seem to lack an imagination.
I am not against Valentine's Day at all, and it disappoints me that so many people are. There is so much hatred in this world, so any reason or excuse to celebrate love is always a good one. Instead of a diatribe on how commercial the holiday is and how aghast it makes you, maybe take a moment to pause and figure out a creative way to make a holiday that celebrates love special and meaningful in your own way that doesn't involve the canon of Valentine cliches. If an opportunity presents itself to you to pop open a bottle of champagne with someone you love, why don't you? Please don't get me started on the bitter single women who bash the holiday because they are "alone." That makes for an entirely different entry, now doesn't it?

As for me, I am celebrating Valentine's Day in my own style. After all, Plato lists three different kinds of love in the Symposium, so I will take one of the three and just go with it - Philia. Good sushi, good white wine, and good company (my sister). I love eel and avocado rolls, I love Riesling, and I love my sister.

As for the romantic aspect of the holiday, I will toast to the man tonight, whoever he may be, who gets to share a creative, imaginative, and meaningful Valentine's Day next year. In the meantime, pass the chocolate and enjoy the spirit of the day, everyone.


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