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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"I am only too thankful..." ~ Jane Eyre

Dear She aka K9,

Thank you for creating the most lovely CD cover for me! I love last year's, but this year's has that extra special element, now doesn't it? The above photo is of an ornament on my tree that I have had for at least ten years when my Cleo was alive. It meant a lot that rottiepooch was back this Christmas in spirit, just like Cleo. I hope you are having a lovely Christmas Eve eve and relaxing after all of these amazing covers:http://sparringk9.blogspot.com/
You are an amazing talent and I am so excited to view all that you create and read all that you create in 2008.

With love and deepest thanks,
Lady Jane

PS This week there will be cookie posts on Epicurean Escapades with photos, so check out the recipes!

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Blogger she said...

*sniff* thank you sweet jane. in honor of cleo and ol gator too. it was a natural to put K9 in with you..you were always so good to "him" grrerhahaha. i miss him too.

im very pleased you like it. a very merry christmas to you and the happiest of years in '08. xo

7:36 PM  

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