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Monday, December 01, 2008

"The passions may rage furiously, like true heathens, as they are..." ~ Jane Eyre

I wanted to write about Thanksgiving...the weekend...the beautiful moments with family, friends, and my Prince...the gatherings and the smiles. I just cannot right now. I am too angry and too depressed to do so. All I see in my head is Moshe's Holtzberg's face, seen above, and him calling for his mother echoing through my head during her funeral service..he having been drenched in her blood a few days ago.

If I am thankful for one thing over the past few days, it is for the heroic Indian woman named Sandra Samuel, who not only rescued the two-year old baby, but will forsake her life in India to go to Israel and be with the child right now for his sake. She is selfless to the core, though making it harder to comprehend how such evil can exist in the same world as such good.

My fears mount over blaming all Pakistanis for this act of terror as well. My former landlord was Pakistani and one of the best men I know. He did marry an Indian woman...proving that harmony can exist between these two cultures that clash so much. I loathe that the media is focusing that these voices of the terrorists were speaking Urdu; I know it to be a beautiful language and the mother tongue of my landlord who gave me food from his table, never raised my rent in eight years, shared his family with me, and trusted me with his children. The media must be careful and remember that this is a small group amongst a larger one and to not go on the attack of the entire people.

At the same time, this act of hate against the Rabbi, his wife, and their son only confirms my strong believe in Zionism and the fact that I will always be dedicated to the State of Israel. I do believe that there are too many heathens out there who hate Jews so much that they will even try to kill their own brethren if they dare suggest that Muslims and Jews and Christians can live in harmony. I will never back down from my ideology that Israel cannot be divided and that a Palestinian state is only deserved when Palestinians love their children more than they hate Jews.

Once again, we were all attacked last week. Seeing Moshe's face all but kills me...



Blogger Charlie Mc said...

For years, I supported Israel 100%...but over the last few years I have come to realize that they engage in terrorist acts just like the Palestinians do, but the media slants it another way. I have no patience for either side...and America needs to stay out of it...completely.

In my perfect world, it would be like John Lennon's "Imagine".....no religion, no countries.....just the world living in peace and harmony. I don't think it is something we'll see in my lifetime or in any lifetime. People are too obsessed with "their God" being better than "your God" and so on and so forth. As good as religion can be...I feel it is the root of all that is bad in the world. Every major world conflict in history has been based on religion. Enough is enough already.

Personally, I feel that the way we treat each other day to day and the impact we make on each other's lives is far more important than an organized religion. I truly feel organized religion is just another way to keep people "in check" just like government.

Let's face it....if everyone thought that when this life was over, that was it....and that they would not be "judged" by God for the life they lived and things that they did....people would go ape shit and there would be chaos. Religion is a way to keep people in line and unfortunately people take it way too far.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Michelle Brown said...

On the subjects of Pakistan and terrorists...have you read "Three Cups of Tea"? It's really, REALLY interesting.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Bombay is my close friend Binola's hometown. She says her friends there are afraid to walk the streets, for fear of being shot at, or worse. It reminded me of New York, which will sicken me till I die. I don't really care what the "reasons" are; to me terrorism is an insanity that we MUST somehow heal from. I don't comprehend hatreds of any kind; it's just the opposite of how I was taught to live my life. They say the U.S. might be hit again by 2011; germ warfare or nuclear. Somewhere, God cries.

3:01 PM  
Blogger moi said...

Terrorists are people first. They may act in the name of a religion, country, or ideology, and their actions may be influenced by horrifying life circumstances – but the fact remains: they choose – personally, individually – the side of evil. What bulwarks stand against the cumulative effect of these choices today? I would like to think Israel is one of them.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Lady Prism said...

That lady was really really really so selfless.

And, it is sad how our world seems to be becoming a planet of hate everyday:(

5:28 AM  

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