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Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Mama used to teach me to dance and sing." ~ Jane Eyre

My visit with Jack this afternoon turned into an Armenian dance workshop.

Ali gave Jack an Armenian Children's Music CD for Valentine's Day, so Missy put it on before she ran an errand. I scooped up Jack, who was wearing a striped brown shirt from Baby Gap and khaki-colored cargo pants, and placed him on my hip. The music then came on...

I figured I would start Jack off slowly with the line dancing. After all, being six months old is still a bit young for all of the complicated line dances like the Tamzara. I didn't want to overwhelm him with intricate dance maneuvers, so I began with the ever-popular yet non-authentic Michigan Hop.

I danced around the living room with Jack, and he giggled and smiled and drooled. The faster I went, the more giggle came out of his cute little mouth. We did this for a few songs, circling around the room listening to the sound of Armenian voices singing. I thought about my first dance classes in the basement of St. Sarkis before all the weddings in the family. I thought about nights at the Armenian Artists Ball and the Thanksgiving Dance in the basement of the Cathedral. I thought of Pat helping me learn by telling me the dance moves while on the dance line, and I thought about Missy and Ed's wedding and how much the older Armo folk loved watching us bring back their traditions.

Eventually, though, the more Jack giggled, the more choked up I got and the more tears welled behind my eyes through my smile to him.

If I could steal two moments in my life and bring them together, this moment of dancing with Jack would be one. The other moment I would steal is when both my grandpa Krikor and grandma Anoush were alive. I would put these two moments together, because I don't think there would be a moment filled with any more joy than this one in my life or theirs. I think that my parents are amazing grandparents and carry their spirit, but oh how I wish I could see my grandparents with him. I can just picture my Grandma Anoush overjoyed that he eats so much and my Grandpa Krikor spending time playing and chatting with him.

So as Jack and I danced, I prayed from deep down in my heart that somehow...somehow...they were watching us, smiling and crying at the same time, just like me and Jack did today.


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