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Saturday, March 04, 2006

"No crowding," said Mr. Rochester: "take the drawings from my hand as I finish them..."~ Jane Eyre

If I were the curator of the Guggenheim, I would have had a heart attack last night.

That is not to say I didn't enjoy going to First Fridays with Cassie and Alicia. It was a great party, and I thoroughly love the concept. It was amazing to see so many young people pack into the main level of the museum with drinks in hand, dancing to the music spun by a really good DJ. The rotunda was also packed, with many people glancing down to the main level, making many great photo opportunities. A few partygoers started dancing in the rotunda, hence my concern for the artwork! Gawking last night was quite enjoyable.

I actually wish I went during the Russia! exhibit, since the artwork of David Smith didn't excite me all that much. I struck up a conversation with two women while waiting on line for the bathroom, and they, too, go for each exhibit and said that they didn't enjoy the sculptures on display. Some of the pieces were intersting, like "the 17 h's", but overall it was not a thrilling experience. There are two upcoming exhibits that look more interesting. Pollack comes this summer, which I am interested in seeing after my Black Mountain Poetry class. Spanish paintings arrive in the fall; that will be an amazing exhibit and a First Friday in October for certain.

Because of the event-production work I did during college, I thought a great deal about the producers of the event last night. I wondered about the logistics of set up, the deals with the caterers, and the dealings with a very strict security staff. I thought about how their adrenaline must have been pumping up until the doors opened, and then the fatigue of the long day sets in as they try and eradicate any problems during the venue.

Oh, I miss those days. If I were to produce the event, I would gear the First Fridays that occur during the ethnic exhibit months to be ethnic. Vodka shots all around during the Russian exhibit, and pitchers of sangria along with tapas for the upcoming Spanish exhibit. Its because....well....I am just a nerd like that. I then thought about how this party would be great in other cultural venues, even the New York Public Library.

Cheers to all the nerds at the Guggenheim who spend their Friday night last night at a MUSEUM! It reminds me of my college nights when, on occasion, I spent a Friday night studying in the library. Those nights would have been better with a DJ and cocktails, but they still weren't that bad...


Blogger pookalu said...

FOUND IT! (you could have sent me the link.. :) )

i can't believe you didn't like david smith!

a friend and i have an ongoing discussion about whether or not his sculpture should be viewed in situ al fresco, or within the confines of the museum. i posited that by bringing his epic sculptures indoors, he brought the outdoors with them. almost visceral, yet almost voyeuristic (of the outdoors) feel.

clearly i liked the exhibit. i mised the rusha exhibit, but i look forward to more!

11:39 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Thanks for coming, pookalu!
David Smith was just a bit too...well...you know. ;)

11:56 AM  

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