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Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Get the tea ready..." ~ Jane Eyre

I am sitting here sipping African red rooibos herbal tea and missing Moo badly.

She gave me the tea before she left for Uganda...you can read about all of her adventures here:

One of my favorite adventures this summer was a day spent with Moo. I got to borrow her brand new field binoculars and we went bird watching at Sands Point Preserve. I pretended that we were out in the fields of Africa and knew I would love spending a week out in the field with her for her work. On the way back to my place, she played me a CD of monkey noises she had recorded last year when she did preliminary work; it was a mesmerizing cacophony to hear. I would love to spend a week out in the field with her. I don't know if I can afford the plane ticket to Uganda, so I get depressed and miss her.

After our bird watching excursion on that day, we went back to my place and made Caribbean food; the recipes were from the Walkerswood Cookbook: http://www.walkerswood.com/
We made cacique burgers that had chopped peppers in the meat; after they were grilled on the bbq, they were topped with grilled pineapple. Moo made veggies with a rundown sauce that was perfect with the burgers. Some of the Walkerswood condiments are in my fridge that were leftover, and I get depressed whenever I look at the side door items; I miss her.

I met Moo over ten years ago at Harvard University. I went up to visit J. Sarah our freshman year of college. J. Sarah was in a class when I arrived. She sent Moo to meet me. I knew that she was one awesome woman: within a half hour of my walking into their dorm room in Holworthy, we were on the floor discussing theology. Mind you, I had met her 30 minutes prior, and we were metaphorically knee-deep in conversation about the subject. Of course she was also an amazing woman in my eyes because I found out she loved the following: chocolate, puppies, good coffee, dancing, red wine, and, most importantly, sarcasm.

Before she left, J. Sarah and I did a last supper with her at UFC (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/07/dining/07fried.html?_r=1&oref=slogin) in Jackson Heights; I hope that time goes by quickly and the three of us find ourselves back there again drinking stouts, eating the best fried chicken, making sarcastic jokes, and hearing good stories about Moo being out in the field...


Monday, September 24, 2007

"It is the new pupil..." ~ Jane Eyre

I do not miss being around students.

I don't have to.

I am surrounded by students each day in my office and love each and every one of them. They are my department's work study hires and program ambassadors.

As I left teaching high school, I admit to losing a great deal of hope in our future generations. The past three weeks I have gained it back and then some; the students that surround me daily are very special individuals, indeed.

My work study students make my work day even brighter than it already is. There is Remmy, who is a freshman with one cool Jamaican accent. He is the most polite and kind person I have ever met, and all of my colleagues and I fight over who gets him in the office that day. I have worked with him a few times and its a blast. I put on reggae as we work in hopes that he comes to me first when he reports in.

The three that work directly under me are all amazing young women. Yenny works two jobs to pay for school, yet still shows up early to work with a smile on her face. Kaina is a shy freshman who I admit to babying a bit; I am always feeding her because she is too skinny. Shar is my favorite to talk to. This girl knows her politics, so we discuss it often. This afternoon we agreed that Obama is hot, both literally and figuratively. She told me that this is the first presidential election she is voting in and she can't wait. I don't think she had any idea how much her excitement to vote would affect the rest of my day; she made it special because of that comment.

The program ambassadors are a bunch of powerhouses who, ironically, helped to train me when I arrived a month ago! I am so proud that they represent the university - their values and sense of integrity are apparent each time I interact with them. They are more like peers and less like students who work under us.

So I do not miss my students...I have new ones who, ironically, give more to me then I feel I give to them. As hard as that is, I know life is about give and take. Right now I need to take their positive attitudes and special souls to reawaken my ability to give. Give it a few months, because I am heading back to take classes and become a college librarian so I can be there for students in the most important way I can think of in the world of Academia...


Saturday, September 15, 2007

“And let it dash...” ~ Jane Eyre

If writing is like cooking, I think most of my entries are methodical recipes. This one is going to be a dash of this and a hint of that and a sprinkling of some things and a spot of other things as I try and get back into the groove of cooking up entries in this kitchen.

~ Yesterday marked one month here at my new job, and I have loved all twenty days of it so far! I love my colleagues, office space, and work. This campus is stunning right now as the cooler autumn air descends and the leaves begin to turn a hint of light orange. I find myself missing students less and less because there are so many that I am now working with here...all are sweet and fun.
~ Today marks the first week I have spent in my new apartment. Its a lovely little place on the North Shore of Long Island. The beau calls the place Bohemian; I call it my new home. Moving was exhausting, unpacking is so perfunctory, but the end results will be worthwhile.
~ Jack turned two September 1st. I do believe I shall never be Aunt Amy to him, but Aunt Maimy. His birthday party was the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend; my sister and brother-in-law made it farm themed and even hired a small petting zoo to come for the kids. It was precious.
~ I love each minute I spend with the beau; we are looking forward to autumn together. In November we are taking our second weekend getaway together, this time to Hanover at a Bed and Breakfast. I cannot wait. I have always wanted to go see Gettysburg, and when he proposed the idea, I was elated.
~ I will begin classes for my M.S. in Library Science this spring and am looking forward to that very much.
~ I do not miss teaching. I miss the literature here and there, but all I have to do is dive back into it and enjoy it for myself for the first time instead of worrying about how others will enjoy it!
~ I have not cooked in three weeks and have decided to plan menus out for the next few weeks. The beau is challenging me to making a duck ragu; I am confident that I can do it!
~ I have not written practically all this year, but as soon as I settle in just a bit more, I hope that my writing goes places where it has never been before...kind of like where my life is at the moment!


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Perhaps, you would have a home here..." ~ Jane Eyre

My new green desk lamp is as bright as my mood here at work. Today I walked around campus during my lunch hour, absorbing the glow of a University campus the first day of autumn classes. I chose a green lamp because our school colors are green and gold; the colors are rather apropos. The grass IS greener here, and I feel like gold anytime I enter this office.

I am working a little late this evening. Its cozy here. I hear Westminster chimes every quarter of the hour. We had a clock in my Tudor house growing up that played Westminster, so I find it comforting to be working in a Tudor house hearing Westminster.
I have only been here three weeks, but it feels more like home than where I worked for the past seven years.

I am moving homes this weekend. I will be leaving my apartment of seven years and moving into an apartment closer to campus on the North Shore of Long Island. The apartment is in a Victorian home, and the house is whimsical. I have the place all to myself and cannot wait to start living there come Sunday.

So, with a little rest from all of these major changes in my life, my creativity will find its way home here and become restored…