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Monday, September 18, 2006

"He was dressed now..." ~ Jane Eyre

As much as I love reading the Women's Fashion of the Times, I equally enjoy reading the Men's Fashion of the Times. The fall 2006 edition was in the paper today and I was quite excited when I got a sneak peak at J. Sarah's yesterday evening. I read it cover to cover this morning as I sipped my coffee and I really like some of the new trends for men, which included jackets with tails!

I must preface this post by saying I am not a firm believer in the statement "the clothes make the man." I tend to disagree for the most part. My grandfather, Krikor, was probably the best man in this world to date, and he wore his pants Urkel style with a belt practically around his waist that tucked in a flannel plaid shirt. Despite my grandfather's fashion faux pas, he did have this hip horn rimmed glasses that were ubercool and quite stylish.

The Metrosexual Male is a man I never really warmed up to despite the fact that so many New York men are dressing as such. I enjoy a conservative "metro male", but anything more than a pink Polo or purple button down shirt with a grey suit is just a bit too much.

Thursday's Top Ten Clothing Articles Recommended for Men:
1) Anything from Brook's Brothers, and I mean anything. There is nothing hotter than a 30 year old man dressing like he is the Millionaire from Giligan's Island in a nice navy blazer, white button down shirt, and khacki pants.
2) I love caps and I think men look wonderful in nice "chappy" caps. Tweed caps are especially my favorite; they are quite classy. If any man is daring enough to wear a deerstalker cap, well, to put it in elementary terms, that is just hot.
3) A suit seems like an obvious choice, but I cannot emphasize enough how amazing a man looks in a suit. Ironically, I think a man looks much more attractive in a suit than he does in a tuxedo.
4) Camouflage seems to be quite "in" this season according to The Times, and I like the pattern both for men and for women. I may have to enlist D.R. to get me some.
5) Long before Burberry became mainstream, I was a fan of the pattern. Whilst I realize they are ridiculously overpriced, I can't help but love that classic plaid pattern. This past summer I saw many men wearing Burberry polos in solid colors with the plaid pattern accented under the color and sleeves; it is one handsome shirt.
6) A New York Yankees baseball cap.
7) The white tee shirt and jeans are like the peanut butter and jelly of men's fashion: they just go so well together. Men who wear this combination are fulfilling every woman's dream of Danny Zucco (or Kenickie if he is more your type).
8) A nice beige rain trench coat is very attractive on a man and makes rainy days much more bearable for a woman walking down the streets of New York City if a handsome man is wearing one.
9) In the wintertime, I find it very sexy for a man to wear a knit cap. Although its a bit Abercrombie, it is still a really nice rugged look for the cold months.
10) Boxer briefs. No elaboration needed. I saved the best article of (non) clothing for last.

Thursday's Top Five Clothing Articles NOT Recommended for Men:
1) Any article of clothing or accessory from one or all of the following sports franchises: Mets, Jets, Rangers, Red Sox, Cowboys, and Eagles. I would rather be out with a man in a potato sack than be seen with him wearing any of those logos.
2) Any shirts that have beer images or beer sayings on it. You drink beer, gentleman, you don't wear beer.
3) Baggy pants are just a no-no unless you are one of my fifteen year old teenage students who is going through his awkward fashion phase at school and wearing chains attached to the aforementioned balloon pants.
4) Socks with sandals makes you look very very very granola. I like granola on my yogurt, not my man. When in doubt when dressing, think "What Would Cary Grant Do?" WWCGD? Chances are, Cary would not do the socks with Birkenstocks.
5) Any shirt that has more than three buttons opened at the chest. Please leave the look to Tony Soprano and the Long Island guidos that surround me daily. Thank you.


Blogger Marty said...

Funny you should post this. Cause I was pondering this earlier. Great minds. ;)
My favorite looks for men:
Uniforms (like military! HOTTTTTT)
Black jeans, white t-shirt, and a black cowboy hat. Yummmm.
Regular jeans and Hanes shirts (casual).
Black suits.

Stubble, goatees.
Sheesh. Is it hot in here??

9:26 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Hmmm...I guess I DO like granola on my man... ;) J doesn't do the socks-with-birks thing, but I rarely see him in a Brooks Brothers' suit...and he does wear a lot of t-shirts with trees on them. =)

10:41 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Marty ~ I am with you on the goatee; I think its a great look for a man, especially if he has dark features.

Kate ~ I just realized that we can do an analogy here: Aiden or Big. :) I was never an Aiden girl, but a Big girl! I think trees on tees sounds faboo.

5:48 AM  
Blogger work in progress said...

WWCGD? I LOVE that! Of course, there would be a whole lot more men walking around in classy suits if they were asking themselves that question. That would be a GOOD thing.

White T-shirt and jeans, *sigh* does it for me every time,

I don't know about the three buttons per-say, but protruding chest hair and/or multiple layers of bling=BAD.

Any physically fit man with nothing more than a pair of Levis=yummy (in the correct setting of course, like my kitchen cooking me breakfast ;-)

Oh! And those awful little soul patches? That little patch of hair underneath the lower lip that looks like you've missed a spot? AWFULLY unattractive.

7:03 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

WIP ~ I love soul patches! Its so Ginsberg Beat Generation Cool Cat! Maybe we should start a Men in Suits movement? MISSES FOR MIS?

7:16 AM  
Blogger David said...

Ah, but how do you feel about the "Manzier"?

8:11 AM  
Blogger Ryane said...

That is a great list. I have to add that for me, a white T-shirt, peeking out from under a sweater is ALways a fashion-do, on a man, for me.

Le sigh....


8:21 AM  
Blogger afromabq said...

i was gonna respond w/the exact same thing marty wrote! there is nothing that makes me turn my head faster than a man in uniform!!

second choice is white tee and jeans! yummy!

10:30 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

David ~ Hmm. My rule of thumb is that a man can't be bigger than I. I am, not surprisingly, an "A" woman, so he doesnt have much leverage, does he? ;)

Ryane ~ I forgot to mention sweaters. I like a man in a sweater, but my favorite is a white tee sticking out from a HENLEY. Mmmm.

PToes ~ I think a few of my friends will be glad to read all of these comments about men in uniform. Eunuch? D.R.? Ya listening?

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Barry said...

MOSTLY good advice. Metrosexual means something that is not politically correct to say!

Anyway, what is with the neck tie? (and why is it called a neck tie?)

Ok I am totally fashion UNconscious but geeze - some guys!

by the way Amy - just love visiting this blog

And I won't mention my goatee...
oops, I just did! :P

2:33 PM  
Blogger Clearlykels said...

Oh Amy, I thought that I was the only woman who swoons at a suit quicker than a tux. There is just something about a guy who can wear a suit well. YUM!

Wonderful list.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Connie said...

My least favorite thing ever is socks with sandles. Since I work in a science/engineering type job, they are everywere. I would even be happy with wool socks and birks. I am talking about white or black socks with gold toes and fake tevas. In fact, if they ever wanted to film a What Not To Wear to Work, they should come here. THe halls are littered with badness.

3:25 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Barry ~ I love the goatee! As for neck ties, I like them on a man when they become untied.

Kels ~ Yay, another member of MISS for MIS! :) Sigh...great minds think alike.

Connie ~ Oh God NO! NO! Gold toes? Fake tevas? Even genuine tevas freak me out a bit. I assure you that tevas are not apart of this new "bringing sexy back" movement! ;)

9:35 PM  
Blogger work in progress said...

Oooh! I just thought of another good one! How about shorts with knee socks, pulled up.

Makes me cringe and laugh every time. Hanes should make a commercial for short socks that lets men know knee socks belong UNDER pants.

7:16 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

WIP ~ Oh that is a horrid look, indeed!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Ryane said...

Let's just state right here and now--for men--no socks w/sandals!! It's just a world of no. But even worse...my favorite little rubber shoe...men in Crocs. Oh ick, ick, ick.

BTW, I, too, love a man in a suit. ;-)

8:42 AM  
Blogger shpprgrl said...

I like this post. I agree that a white T and denim are a nice look. Also sandals and socks are a hideous! That look gets me. I'm with Marty up there, I have a place in my heart for cowboy hats...and Wrangler jeans. :)

9:52 PM  
Anonymous lime said...

i don't like burberry ties. my former had one and i disliked it greatly. he wore it proudly. ew.

agree with the boxer briefs.

additionally, what about gals who wear foreign beer logos on brightly colored hats? especially from central american countries where half of their family happens to live? pura vida!

(was that awkward?)

11:16 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

can i not have both kenickie and danny? at the same time?

ah, summer love...

12:43 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Ryane ~ Indeed, even in the midst of Key West (Croc Land) I couldn't bring myself to find them looking attractive at all on the men who wore them. Oooo! Another MISS for MIS? Yay!

ShopGirl ~ Being from New Yawk, I must admit that the cowboy look is not something I see each day. However, I metaphorically lasso that look. ;)

Lime ~ Ugh I am obsessed with the Burberry pattern. Did I tell you that I dreamed of J.Sarah in a Bberry lined wedding dress? :-O haha

Birdie ~ You can't have both. Kenickie is MINE. For some reason, I always preferred him to Danny. ;) It must be the hicky thing...

6:33 AM  
Blogger Ryane said...

Because a hicky from Kenickie is like a hallmark card...


8:06 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

im definitely p and j. and if there is one thing you will NEVER see strapped to my paws, its sandals. gack!

grrrrrl, i never see ya anymore. was it something i said? i've confined my SHB's to the ivy and way from any foot paths so........


12:55 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

uh oh - we need to have a smack-down Thursday Next. i'll fight to have both kinickie and danny. besides, they both might like the three-way - they seem to have a bit of thing for each other as well.

i'm not sure kinickie would fully appreciate your petticoats and skirt.

i have a tight sweater with a, ahem, full sillohette (sp?). kinickie would like that.


11:38 AM  
Blogger schaumi said...

at my youthful age of almost 47...justa few short weeks away...darn it...i appreciate a man without a gut...:)

where i live camouflage (not army camouflage) is worn for one purpose...hunting...too many huge guts behind those britches though for me to think it's attractive..

8:52 AM  

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