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Thursday, September 14, 2006

"She had better be put to bed soon; she looks tired." ~ Jane Eyre

Work is great, my kids are great, but my eyelids in bad shape at the moment.

I might as well be making partner in a law firm - that is how long my days are at the moment. For the past two mornings, I have woken up before my alarm has sounded. My alarm is set for 5:25am. Edgar Allan Poe is taking up my life this week. I love him, but he is a complicated man who requires lots of attention.

I am looking forward to sleeping late this weekend (until 8am) and then staying in bed to listen to classical music and do NYT Crossword Puzzles for a bit. After that, I am having coffee with my muses for some revivification to my writing...

Until then, please drink some coffee for me. I feel that my average of three cups a day is just not enough and I could use the extra support right now.

Perchance if you are not a coffee drinker...what is wrong with you?


Blogger work in progress said...

Consider this morning's Grande Peppermint Mocha consumed in your honor, my dear.

7:21 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Mmmm. Minty fresh coffee from Fourbucks...mmmmm. That made my morning! Thanks for taking one for the team, WIP, I appreciate it!

7:34 AM  
Blogger afromabq said...

what is wrong in deed!! coffee=nectar of the gods!!

hope my caffine vibes get to you today tiny! :)

9:43 AM  
Blogger Connie said...

I have a cup of yummy homebrewed coffee in front of me right now. Here's to you. Bottoms Up!

Have a lovely day.

I love Poe also.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Mayden's Voyage said...

A second cup of English Breakfast tea in your honor! Cheers!
I'll be cleaning my house all day...Mom in law is coming for a visit.
Wish I was in the classroom with you! :)
Have a great weekend :)

10:03 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

But Dearest,
I do not mean to vex you. Your eloquent teaching of my works has astounded me. If Will would just stop rambling on about those God-forsaken 'sonnets,' my life might be at perfect peace.


Thanks, Ed, for the input.
MY turn to comment.
"Perchance if you are not a coffee drinker...what is wrong with you?"


You don't actually want me to answer that question. :) haha
When I was able to drink coffee (my body forbids it these days..more explanation would foray into extreme TMI territory), I loved the kinds with caramel or mint in them. And with loads of sugar and cream. LOADS.

These days, I only drink that blue milk that Aunt Beru served Luke and Owen. ;)
Take care of yourself, Dearest.
Green Tea and B-12. I've never felt more energetic in my life.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Barry said...

And I thought in Mr Poe's current state he would be low maintenace :D

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

/bark bark bark

swilling sumatra in honor of my lady jane! sunday i am painting a painting of my OWN choice...can you imagine. a am at last a free dog.


1:35 PM  
Blogger Clearlykels said...

right, I love coffee-- so, should I get any it will be in your honor. However, caffeine and I often fight-- some of us are just a wee bit sensitive. Good luck-- and stay in bed on Saturday even if you wake up. Sometimes just being in bed is as good as sleeping.

1:58 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

PToes ~ Coffee is nectar of the Gods, and a good coffee cake to go with it is ambrosia. :)

Connie ~ Isnt the smell of coffee one of the best smells in existance?

Cora ~ Well now, tea is perfectly acceptable as an alternate if it is, of course, a black tea! There is a place called Tea and Sympathy in the village that you may want to visit on your trip here! :)

Marty ~ Well, you are by far probably going to live longer than I. ;) I am amazed that you don't drink coffee. Do you even eat coffee ice cream? God I love coffee ice cream. I wonder if Ed Poe liked ice cream.

Barry ~ I never say that I am rolling on the floor and laughing my ass off, but I must say I was laughing my ass off when I read your comment (and metaphorically rolled on the floor). :) Sigh...alas, Mr. Poe haunts me from the grave.

Doggiepooch ~ Hi pups! Thanks for the sumatra mantra! So glad to hear you are going to be a free artiste this weekend! I shall celebrate this fact with a cup of coffee.

Kels ~ I shall take your advice and not stir away from my pillows. It is going to rain here on Saturday, so I am extra excited about sleeping in!

4:02 PM  
Blogger schaumi said...

my alarm goes off about the same time...
i'll think of you tommorow as a peel myself outta the bed, crawl to the shower and then slowly perk up with that first cuppa coffee..i might can spare one in your honor.:)
that is, after cracking the whip to get my kids started on their morning routine..
teaching is a draining profession.

6:41 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Schaumi ~ TGIF! Isnt it the best feeling when the final bell rings at the end of the day on a Friday? The kids are all happy, you are happy...aaaaah.


9:32 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

i walked into a meeting late this afternoon and had someone immediately say to me, "you look tired." Which is what someone said to me yesterday, and the day before. Yikes - three weeks into one semester and 6 weeks into antoher - and people are telling me i look tired - but no one is grading papers for me, or attending meetings, or even suggesting i be put to bed! waaaah!

coffee - i am living on it. and yogurt, mango,and energy bars.

i'll put some extra beans in my grinder tomorrow morning - and brew and extra strong cup for you.

11:09 PM  
Blogger John said...

I shall drink my requisite 3 cups (16 oz. w/sugar in the raw and a splash of cream, thanks) plus one for you tomorrow. Bottoms up!

1:09 AM  
Blogger Ryane said...

oh Amy--keep the glorious thoughts of weekend foremost in your mind (and the requisite cups of coffee that will go with)...

Your Saturday in bed w/the Times Crossword is almost upon you!

(I will now sip my locally roasted, Mayorga ~Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee in your honor...)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Ryane said...

and PS: I don't know if Poe liked coffee ice cream or not (but surely, surely he did?!!), however--I have read that as a child, he was 'quieted w/bread soaked in gin'.

So, our good Mr. Poe may have hop-scotched over the whole coffee thing quite young indeed! haha.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Eunuch said...

Nope, not a coffee drinker...nothing's wrong with me! :-)

10:26 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Birdie ~ Ever make mango lassi? Its one of my favorites in the summertime. There are Indian grocers that sell mango pulp. :) Mmmm.

John ~ Bottoms up to you, too! Thank you ever so much.

Ryane ~ Methinks I need to find that bread soaked gin recipe! That guatamalan coffee sounds faboo. FABOO!

Eunuch ~ Yes, but you are a beer afficianado, so that is an exception, ya know? ;)

5:21 PM  
Blogger David said...

Sleeping in til 8? You rebel! Spoil yourself and go for 8:15. For some reason I am reminded of Joe Pesci's sleep dillema in "My Cousin Vinny" where he couldn't get any sleep until they hauled him off to jail!
So be thankful there are no screech owls in your vicinity.

7:54 AM  

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